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The Allianz Thematica fund recognizes the potential of investing in Generation Z and Millennials.
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The Allianz Thematica fund recognizes the potential of investing in Generation Z and Millennials.

In order to give greater weight to the incorporation of GenWell in the portfolio, exposure to the fund’s other themes has been slightly reduced.
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2 APR, 2024

By RankiaPro Europe


Allianz GI has expanded the range of megatrends in which the Allianz Thematica fund invests with the addition of the sub-theme "Generation Wellbeing" (GenWell). This theme focuses on companies that are related to improving the wellbeing and quality of life of Generation Z and Millennials. Thanks to this new addition and the additional diversification it offers to the portfolio, investors will be able to take advantage of the structural changes in consumption patterns driven by social and demographic change.

Generation Z includes all those born between 1997 and 2012, while Generation Y, also called millennials, includes those born between 1981 and 1996. Together they represent about 40% of the world population and 50% of the global active population. These generations are characterized by being the most diverse, highly digitally connected and socially committed, with values, attitudes and behaviors different from those of previous generations. For example, they prioritize quality over quantity and show a strong interest in sustainability and social responsibility.

To give greater weight to the inclusion of GenWell in the portfolio, the exposure to other themes of the fund, such as digital life, water treatment and management, infrastructure, intelligent machines, clean energies and health technology, has been slightly reduced. Specifically, the pet economy theme, which previously had a lower weight in the portfolio, has been integrated into the GenWell theme, thus becoming a key component due to the great structural synergies shared between both. Therefore, GenWell will be included in the Allianz Thematica portfolio with a target exposure of 15%.

About Allianz Thematica

Allianz Thematica is a global equity investment fund that identifies the main megatrends and themes of our time. It was launched more than seven years ago and has more than 4.2 billion euros in assets.


Changes in consumption patterns, driven by demographic and social transformations, are creating new opportunities for companies that know how to adapt and position themselves properly before Generation Z. The new GenWell theme, included in the Allianz Thematica fund, invests in those companies that meet the needs of Generation Z, understanding and respecting their cultural values, as well as adapting their products and strategies; which allows them to benefit from a potentially growing purchasing power.

Andreas Fruschki, manager and head of global thematic equity at Allianz GI
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