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Royal London AM will launch a US equity fund
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Royal London AM will launch a US equity fund

Royal London AM launches a US Equity Fund managed by Chris Parr
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13 MAR, 2024

By Jose Luis Palmer from RankiaPro Europe


Royal London AM has launched a US Equity Fund domiciled in Ireland. A few weeks after closing the Ireland-domiciled Global Equity Select Fund to new investors, Chris Parr will build this new strategy on Royal London's established US equity and the existing range manager by the global equity team.

The new fund seeks to provide a core US equity solution for asset owners aiming for above-market returns, continuing with the consistent performance of the US equity strategy. It will use the Royan London's global equity team’s investment process, investing in companies across the corporate life cycle to deliver a balanced portfolio. The team is agnostic between value and growth, with the objective to build balanced portfolios to access both investing styles. The management will adopt a low style risk, limiting the downside exposure.

The fund will initially be available to UK investors, with the ambition to register the fund in Europe and Asia, broadening the range of potential investors

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