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Raimund Müller from UBS Asset Management is our Sales Manager of the Month

Raimund Müller from UBS Asset Management is our Sales Manager of the Month

Raimund Müller, Head ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland & Liechtenstein Executive Director at UBS AM is our Sales Manager of the Month
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3 JAN, 2024

By Johanna Zidani from RankiaPro Europe


Raimund Müller is the head of ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He has more than 20 years experience in the financial industry, with expertise in managing client relationships for institutional investors.

He has been working for UBS Asset Management Switzerland AG based in Zurich since 2012. Prior to UBS, Raimund worked in institutional sales positions within the asset management units at Deutsche Bank and Lombard Odier.

Raimund Müller is a Certified International Investment Analyst (2008). He holds a master's degree in Economics and Finance (2005) from Curtin University of Technology in Perth and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration (2003) from Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur.

What made you decide to go into the financial sector? Did you have any other vocations?

During my Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Economics and Finance studies, I realized my interest for financial markets. Since then, I have been fascinated with what moves markets, risk and how to invest in markets. I have found that the asset management, an industry with plenty of financial innovation, offers to me, as someone who enjoys continually learning, the perfect place for my career. My favorite part of asset management is the ability to help clients with financial solutions when they need it most. All this makes me passionate about my job. My passion in sports was (and still is) hockey, I would have loved to become a professional.

Could you tell me the most difficult aspects of your job and also the most positive ones?

What I like the most in my job is surely the variety of fascinating activities my role as a sales head brings along.

I really like how my role is multi-faceted, from connecting with clients, discussing a broad spectrum of interesting investment solutions with various stakeholders to managing a team of talented people. As we are working in a fast-changing environment, with many surprises around the corner, challenges and obstacles have become a normal part of my live. Hence, I have learned to embrace them as valuable lessons. One of these learning resources is the UBS CS integration.

In your opinion, what are the key drivers for successful fund distribution?

Most important is being close to our clients, understanding their needs and offering them the best service. This makes the difference.

What is the most exciting thing you have seen in the markets since you started working in the financial sector?

There have been many exciting situations. However, for me the acquisition of Credit Suisse is a very special milestone. We will be starting a new chapter as a combined firm, where we will be an even stronger partner for our clients.

What is your advice to investors, how should they position themselves with the current environment?

We are entering "A new world," where investors need to navigate economic uncertainty, geopolitical instability, and the consequences of profound technological change. Amid this backdrop, quality bonds offer attractive income and scope for capital gains as growth and rates fall in 2024. Quality stocks are best placed to keep growing earnings through a slowdown. Cash looks set to underperform all other asset classes - and prospective returns on balanced portfolios look appealing. Leaders from disruption and private markets investments look promising across potential market scenarios.

What is your favorite thing to do when you disconnect from the markets?

The lines between life and work have never been so blurry. Hence maintaining a life-work balance is essential for the physical, emotional, and mental health. Unwinding from work means for me enjoying quality time with my family and/or enjoying sports activities. Nothing helps better to disconnect than being together with my family with two young children. Moreover, I like to practice sports, be it in the gym, as a coach of a junior hockey team or in winter while skiing on the slopes.

What do you like the most about your city, Zurich ?

Well, there is more than just one thing to mention. Zurich is one of the best places to live and work, a city where you can realize both your professional as well as your individual and family dreams. Being grown up in the rural, eastern Switzerland, I like Zurich for its healthy multicultural environment paired with Swiss efficiency when it comes to healthcare or public transport. And as a parent, I like the wonderful Zurich Zoo, offering a wide variety of animals and plenty of indoor exhibits for taking the kiddies, making it fun to visit in all seasons and weather.

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