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AllianzGI Introduces Dynamic Multi-Asset Fund under New Management
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AllianzGI Introduces Dynamic Multi-Asset Fund under New Management

Just a few months after appointing Hartwig Kos as Head of Multi Asset Fundamental Investing, Allianz Global Investors launches the Allianz Global Allocation Opportunities Fund.
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27 MAR, 2024

By Jose Luis Palmer from RankiaPro Europe


Allianz Global Investors has unveiled a new multi-asset fund, the Allianz Global Allocation Opportunities fund, under the stewardship of Hartwig Kos, who recently joined the firm from DWS. This launch signifies AllianzGI's commitment to offering investors a diversified and flexible investment solution in today's dynamic market environment.

Flexible and Fundamental Approach

The Allianz Global Allocation Opportunities fund will adopt a purely fundamental approach to asset management, guided by a strategic-tactical framework. Kos, as the department head of fundamental multi-asset, emphasizes a 'very flexible' strategy that combines conviction-based allocation decisions with short-term factors. This approach allows the fund to dynamically adjust its asset allocation in response to evolving market conditions.

Sustainable Investment Focus

In line with growing investor demand for sustainable investment options, the fund will be categorized as Article 8 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. This classification underscores AllianzGI's commitment to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into its investment process.

Kos highlights the collaborative nature of the strategy, leveraging the diverse expertise within AllianzGI's teams to optimize portfolio risk management. He emphasizes the fund's ability to deliver an attractive value proposition by harnessing active asset allocation and capitalizing on market opportunities.


The launch of the Allianz Global Allocation Opportunities fund marks a significant addition to AllianzGI's product lineup, offering investors access to a dynamic and fundamentally managed multi-asset strategy. With Kos at the helm, supported by AllianzGI's extensive resources, the fund is poised to provide investors with a balanced yet agile investment approach. As it becomes available for sale in key European markets, investors can expect a comprehensive and sustainable investment solution tailored to meet their evolving needs. The fund is registered for sale in France, Germany and Luxembourg. 

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