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George Luckraft, Veteran Equity Income Manager at AXA IM, Set to Retire

George Luckraft, Veteran Equity Income Manager at AXA IM, Set to Retire

AXA IM has strategically transitioned responsibilities to Jamie Forbes-Wilson and Phil Roantree to maintain investment philosophy and ensure a seamless transition.
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15 APR, 2024

By Jose Luis Palmer from RankiaPro Europe


After a distinguished 22-year career at AXA Investment Managers, George Luckraft, the firm's longstanding equity income manager, is poised to retire in May. Luckraft's departure marks the end of an era for AXA IM, where he managed several key funds, including the AXA Framlington Monthly Income, AXA Framlington Managed Income, AXA Framlington UK Equity Income, and AXA Lifetime Distribution funds.

Luckraft's Legacy and Retirement Announcement

During his tenure since joining Framlington in 2002, George Luckraft adeptly navigated the UK equity income market, earning recognition for his skillful management of funds. A spokesperson from AXA IM expressed gratitude for Luckraft's contributions, wishing him the best in his retirement while acknowledging his significant impact on the firm's success.

Succession Planning and Continuity

In preparation for Luckraft's retirement, AXA IM has strategically transitioned responsibilities to maintain stability and continuity for investors. Effective January 1, 2024, Jamie Forbes-Wilson assumed the lead manager role for the Monthly Income and UK Equity Income funds. Forbes-Wilson brings over two decades of experience at AXA IM, having managed various portfolios, including the AXA Global Sustainable Managed fund since 2020.

The spokesperson assured investors that Luckraft and Forbes-Wilson collaborated closely in managing the portfolios, ensuring a seamless transition. Importantly, there will be no changes to the investment philosophy or process of the funds under Forbes-Wilson's leadership.

New Management for the Managed Income Fund

As part of the transition, the Managed Income fund will now be managed by Phil Roantree within AXA IM's fixed income team. Roantree's expertise and experience will play a vital role in maintaining the fund's performance and adhering to its investment objectives.

In conclusion, George Luckraft's impending retirement marks the end of an era at AXA IM, but the firm remains committed to ensuring continuity and maintaining the integrity of the funds under new management. Investors can expect a seamless transition under the leadership of Jamie Forbes-Wilson and Phil Roantree, as AXA IM continues its legacy of delivering value to investors.

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