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iM Global Partner launches the Global Core Equity fund, sub-managed by Richard Bernstein Advisors
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iM Global Partner launches the Global Core Equity fund, sub-managed by Richard Bernstein Advisors

The newly introduced iMGP Global Core Equity Fund is intricately designed based on RBA’s well-established global equity strategy.
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2 FEB, 2024

By RankiaPro Europe


iM Global Partner (iMGP) has announced today the launch of the iMGP Global Core Equity Fund, sub-managed by its partner Richard Bernstein Advisors (RBA), a reputable specialist in asset allocation, based in New York.

The iMGP Global Core Equity Fund is based on RBA's current global equity strategy, launched 14 years ago. It currently has nearly 3,000 million USD of assets under management and has proven its popularity among institutional investors seeking a core active approach to global equity.

Investment Approach

The fund uses a top-down macroeconomic approach that seeks long-term risk-adjusted returns. Driven by market themes that may differ from consensus, the Fund seeks to identify potentially overlooked equity investment opportunities worldwide.

It is widely diversified, opportunistic and agnostic in terms of styles and has an "go anywhere, not be everywhere" approach.

RBA manages exposures based on quantitative indicators and the company's macroeconomic analysis. It rebalances the portfolio as needed to reflect market exposure and desired risk parameters.


"Based on our success in the U.S., where we manage nearly 15,000 million dollars in assets, we now make our global equity strategy available to investors outside the U.S., in a UCITS structure. The unusual current market landscape requires significant diversification across all segments of the global market, in perfect harmony with our strategy. We are excited to expand this opportunity to investors worldwide and form new partnerships to continue this success".

Richard Bernstein, CEO & CIO of Richard Bernstein Advisors

“When looking at the global equity sectors, it is the mix of large-cap global equity that has consistently enjoyed greater popularity among investors. This new fund offers access to RBA's global equity expertise in a UCITS format, and will be structured to invest directly in the underlying shares of its global equity ETF strategy, in order to attract a broader customer base".

Jamie Hammond, Deputy General Director and Head of International Distribution at iM Global Partner

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