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Jupiter AM launches five systematic thematic funds
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Jupiter AM launches five systematic thematic funds

Categorized under SFDR article 8, the funds target transformative megatrends for long-term capital growth. The unique investment process, refined over 19 years, aims to attract investors with its solid themes.
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29 JAN, 2024

By Jupiter AM


Jupiter AM announced today the launch of five systematic thematic funds managed by the Systematic Equity team, led by Spanish manager Amadeo Alentorn. The range, categorized as article 8 according to the SFDR, will focus on investment in transformative, and often disruptive, megatrends, seeking to capture long-term capital growth.

With this launch, Jupiter AM hopes to attract investor interest thanks to the solidity of the selected investment themes and a unique investment process, developed and perfected over more than 19 years and based on an active and systematic approach.

This new range consists of the following funds, all of them available to customers in Spain:

  • Jupiter Systematic Disruptive Technology Fund
  • Jupiter Systematic Consumer Trends Fund
  • Jupiter Systematic Healthcare Innovation Fund
  • Jupiter Systematic Demographic Opportunities Fund
  • Jupiter Systematic Physical World Fund

The investment team, composed of six people, is led by Alentorn, who has played a decisive role in Jupiter's systematic investment approach since its inception in 2005. The team members have worked together and on the investment approach for an average of 11 years and will also have the support of Jupiter's internal Data Science team, made up of eight people, as well as the company's external network of experts and academics.


“We are delighted to launch what we consider to be a truly differential range of systematic thematic funds. In the last decade, there have been strong inflows into thematic investment and asset managers have tried to differentiate themselves through increasingly limited specialization, which has led to more volatile returns. We do not differentiate our thematic funds through excessive theme specialization, but through our unique, active and systematic investment process.”

Amadeo Alentorn, head of Systematic Equity at Jupiter AM

“The launch of a range of thematic equity funds is a strategic priority for the company and the investment themes we have chosen are at the forefront of structural change on a global scale. The strategies also have a flexible investment style, which means they can balance exposure to 'value' and 'growth' according to prevailing market conditions. In addition, these strategies will include cyclical and defensive components and will seek opportunities to actively generate alpha throughout the entire economic cycle.”

Kiran Nandra, head of equity at Jupiter AM
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