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Jean-Baptiste Barenton, Responsable Gestion Privée at Amiral Gestion

Jean-Baptiste Barenton, Responsable Gestion Privée at Amiral Gestion

Our Sales Manager of the Month features Jean Baptiste Barenton, sales manager at Amiral Gestion on selling funds in Europe for a French asset manager.
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17 DEC, 2019

By Constanza Ramos


Our salesperson features Jean-Baptiste Bartenton, Responsable Gestion Privée at Amiral Gestion

How do you end up working in the financial sector?

I have started to buy stocks and to manage my own portfolio very young. I have then created an investment club and managed a newspaper dealing with the stock market at school. I have always liked to try to find undervalued firms, and to consider the very different factors to take into account before investing (barrier to entry, management, industry...).

Besides investment, do you have any other vocation?

I teach financial analysis and financial communication in different business schools. For students, I think that is necessary to touch very concrete business cases taken from day to day situations. This is also important for them to see the direct link between academic knowledge and real business. 

What do you like most about your work? And less?

After financial analysis and portfolio management, I have switched to Business Developpement because I like to have contacts with people and to explain why a strategy is powerful. I appreciate to speak to a large range of people from high net worth individuals to financial advisors and institutional investors, in France and in Spain, and to share different points of view with investors. It is also rewarding to see directly the impact of your work when a client trust you investing in one of the strategies you have presented. There is really no part that I don't appreciate. 

Why are you working at Amiral of all places? 

Amiral Gestion has a very long and strong track record. They have developed a very unique way to manage funds. Moreover, the structure of partnership enables you to feel more involved in the long term strategy of the firm.  

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