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Axa IM Launches Active ETF Range on Euronext Paris

Axa IM Launches Active ETF Range on Euronext Paris

Axa Investment Managers is one of the first to list active ETFs on the French exchange following regulatory changes.
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3 APR, 2024

By Jose Luis Palmer from RankiaPro Europe


Axa Investment Managers (Axa IM) has made waves in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) arena by listing its suite of active ETFs on Euronext Paris. This move positions Axa IM as one of the pioneers in listing active ETFs on the French exchange following recent regulatory changes.

The newly listed range comprises a diverse set of offerings, including the Axa IM Biodiversity Equity Ucits ETF, Axa IM Climate Equity Ucits ETF, Axa IM Euro Credit PAB Ucits ETF, AXA IM USD Credit PAB Ucits ETF, and AXA IM US High Yield Opportunities Ucits ETF.

Brieuc Louchard, head of Axa IM’s ETF capital market team, expressed pride in the company's achievement, stating, 'We are very proud to be one of the first ETF providers to list its entire active range on Euronext Paris.'

This listing comes in the wake of recent regulatory adjustments that now permit the listing of active ETFs on the Paris Stock Exchange. The Autorité des Marchés Financiers, France's financial regulator, implemented these changes through an order from the country’s economic and finance minister on 27 March.

Olivier Paquier, Axa IM’s global head of ETF sales, highlighted the importance of adapting to meet the needs of local investors, stating, 'We know to what extent investors favour local stock exchanges in their investment choices, so it was essential for us to adapt to the needs of our French clients.'

The introduction of Axa IM's active ETF range on Euronext Paris represents a significant development in the ETF landscape, providing investors with more options and flexibility in their investment strategies. As the ETF market continues to evolve, Axa IM's proactive approach positions it as a key player in meeting the evolving needs of investors.

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