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Generali Global Infrastructure becomes Infranity
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Generali Global Infrastructure becomes Infranity

Generali Global Infrastructure (GGI), an asset management company specializing in sustainable infrastructure investments, will now operate under a new name, Infranity.
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13 SEPT, 2022

By Leticia Rial from RankiaPro Europe


Generali Global Infrastructure (GGI), an asset management company specializing in sustainable infrastructure investments, will now operate under a new name, Infranity. The new name brings more clarity for the clients as it reflects the company’s two major strengths: 'infrastructure' and 'humanity'.

Philippe Benaroya

Founded in 2018 by Philippe Benaroya, Alban de La Selle and Gilles Lengaigne as a strategic partnership with Generali, Infranity is the first entrepreneurial asset management company launched within the Generali Investments ecosystem of asset management companies.

Offering defensive and resilient investment strategies that are largely decorrelated from public markets, Infranity already attracted over €7 billion of capital from institutional investors.


"In association with the Generali Group, our majority shareholder, we are very pleased to unveil today our new identity, Infranity. The new name, expressing our focus on 'infrastructure' and 'humanity', further builds on our values, expertise, and engagement to sustainable investment. Since inception in 2018, our Company has always focused oncreating value on behalf of its clients through investments in essential infrastructure that foster the sustainable transformation of our economies and societies."

<strong>Philippe Benaroya, founding partner and CEO of Infranity</strong>

Maintaining its historical heritage and independent investment model, Infranity differentiates itself through its sustainable and defensive investment strategies, offering attractive and resilient risk-adjusted returns. Headquartered in Paris, Infranity mobilizes a team of more than 40 international experts dedicated to identifying and structuring investment opportunities addressing some of today's major challenges in key sectors including energy transition, environment, green mobility, digital transformation and social infrastructure.

Since its inception, Infranity has attracted over €7 billion of capital and has built up a portfolio of over 70 assets in Europe and North America, spread across 11 funds. These include a fully invested €2 billion senior infrastructure debt fund (capital raised between 2020 and 2021). In July 2021, Infranity has launched a successor Fund with similar characteristics and targeting to reach the same size at final close next year. The Fund's capital raising, and deployment are well underway. Through its investment activity, Infranity is funding infrastructure projects across Europe, with recent investments in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and Spain.

Infranity's ambition of generating attractive value over the long-term for its investors is reflected through the rapid expansion of its investment solutions across the capital structure, including higher yielding debt investments and equity investments. These solutions follow our deeply rooted sustainability principles and are designed to meet the growing needs of our international investors' base.

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