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IndexGPT: JP Morgan’s new tool that combines investment and artificial intelligence
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IndexGPT: JP Morgan’s new tool that combines investment and artificial intelligence

The service is based on cloud-based software that uses AI to analyse and select financial assets.
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8 JUN, 2023

By Constanza Ramos


JP Morgan is developing IndexGPT, a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide investment advice to its retail clients in Latin America.

This innovative service is based on cloud-based software that uses the power of artificial intelligence to carefully analyze and select financial assets that match each client's individual needs. JP Morgan's solution is expected to be a first-of-its-kind, specifically targeted at retail clients, with similarities to GPT in terms of design and functionality, but adapted to the financial arena.

With IndexGPT, JP Morgan seeks to democratize access to sophisticated investment tools and provide individual investors in Latin America with a personalized, AI-backed experience. This technological breakthrough promises to transform the way financial decisions are made and optimize outcomes for retail clients in the region.

JP Morgan's commitment to artificial intelligence is once again on display. Lori Beer, head of technology at the financial institution, revealed that they have an in-house team of 1,500 data scientists and engineers specializing in deep learning. These experts are carefully evaluating the possible uses of GPT technology and its potential application at the institution. Beer emphasized that they are fully aware of the value of these tools and are committed to exploring all how they can benefit the company.

This is not JP Morgan's first foray into artificial intelligence. Recently, they announced the development of an AI system designed to decipher messages from the Federal Reserve. They also surprised the market by unveiling an AI system capable of generating ad copy for their products, surpassing even Don Draper's abilities.

The news about this particular project suggests that JP Morgan may have concrete plans to launch a similar product shortly. According to Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer, the fact that companies like JP Morgan register trademarks are a clear sign that they intend to develop a real product and are not just doing it for fun. This demonstrates JP Morgan's strategic and determined approach to artificial intelligence and its potential to transform the financial sector.

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