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Infranity Launches €425m 4th Generation Senior Infrastructure Debt Strategy
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Infranity Launches €425m 4th Generation Senior Infrastructure Debt Strategy

Infranity celebrates the successful launch of its fourth-generation Senior Infrastructure Debt strategy, securing an impressive €425 million in investor commitments.
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10 JAN, 2024

By Johanna Zidani from RankiaPro Europe


Infranity, a leading European infrastructure manager within the Generali Investments’ asset management ecosystem, has successfully initiated its fourth generation of the Senior Infrastructure Debt strategy. With €425 million in investor commitments, this launch builds on the momentum of its predecessor, surpassing €1.6 billion in the previous vintage.

Commitment, Sustainability, and Market Agility

Infranity's latest achievement follows the triumphant closure of its third-generation vintage, exceeding the initial target of €1.5 billion last summer. The swift launch of the fourth vintage, attracting €425 million in commitments, reflects a continued vote of confidence from recurring investors.

Similar to its predecessor, the 4th Generation Senior Infrastructure Debt aims to secure €1.5 billion in committed capital, solidifying its position as one of Europe's largest funds in this category. Notably, the fund incorporates revised financial and ESG objectives, capitalizing on favorable market conditions and leveraging Infranity's proprietary origination to capture added relative value across the infrastructure investment spectrum.

In alignment with sustainability goals, the fund will be classified as SFDR art. 8, ensuring environmental and social considerations are paramount. A minimum of 50% of the fund's assets will qualify as sustainable under SFDR criteria.

With a commitment to swift deployment, the fund is set to execute five seed assets, totaling approximately €250 million in investments by year-end. Sacha Kamp, Head of Investment Debt at Infranity, underscores the opportune timing of the new debt fund, emphasizing a robust transaction pipeline, particularly in growth segments such as energy transition, green mobility, and telecoms.


“The timing of Infranity’s new debt fund could not be better. Our transaction pipeline is extremely healthy, particularly in the growth segments of energy transition, green mobility, and telecoms, allowing the construction of well-diversified portfolios with strong sustainability credentials. Higher spreads and a lender-friendly market environment will be supportive of delivering attractive risk/return. We relish the opportunity to build on the successes of our prior funds.”

Sacha Kamp, Head of Investment Debt at Infranity

The statement reflects Infranity's confidence in the fund's potential and its strategic focus on sustainable infrastructure investments.

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