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Pictet AM launches a systematic investment strategy in thematic equity
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Pictet AM launches a systematic investment strategy in thematic equity

Megatrends 2028 mitigates the cycle effect and can generate better returns over the medium term than the bank deposit.
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14 MAY, 2024

By RankiaPro Europe


Pictet AM has announced today the launch of Multi Solutions-Pictet Road To Megatrends 2028. A systematic investment solution in thematic equity designed for conservative investors and advisors, which allows to systematically build a global equity exposure over four years.

Domiciled in Luxembourg under UCITS regulations, with daily valuation and liquidity, denominated in EUR.

The new strategy is managed by Amel Bentata, senior manager and Rémy Cottet, senior quantitative analyst, both from the Quantitative Equity & Solutions (Quest) team, which manages more than 3.7 billion euros in multi-asset solutions.

Investment approach

Multi Solutions-Pictet Road To Megatrends 2028 initially provides high exposure to money markets and fixed income. Over four years it will periodically reduce this exposure and increase it in global equity, until it reaches 100% of the portfolio. In this way, it reduces average volatility and optimizes entry times into the markets. For the equity part, it will leverage Pictet AM's experience in thematic investment (with a proprietary analysis framework based on mega trends that facilitates identifying secular growth investment themes).

The result is an expectation of return higher than that of liquidity, with additional return through global equity and limited volatility over time.


Pictet AM's long-term investment mindset is integrated into this strategy through a structured approach to equity allocation with thematic investment, which focuses on the winners of the future, not those of the past.

Rémy Cottet, co-manager of the fund

Moving from 'saver' to 'investor' is a challenge in Spain, but we have the tools, the advisors and the solutions. In fact, it is the time of the saver/investor, who has what he needs to take advantage of the opportunities. In this sense Megatrends 2028 provides a systematic savings plan, which mitigates the cycle effect and can generate better medium-term profitability than the bank deposit.

Gonzalo Rengifo, general director of Pictet AM in Iberia and Latam
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