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Winners of the first RankiaPro Europe Awards
Fund selectors

Winners of the first RankiaPro Europe Awards

This Wednesday, February 3rd, we announced the three winners of our first annual RankiaPro Europe awards. The three awards were the Fund Manager of the Year, the Sales Manager of the Year, and the Fund Selector of the Year.
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3 FEB, 2021

By Constanza Ramos




RankiaPro Europe is honored to report that the 2020 RankiaPro Europe Award winners have been announced! The three winners were announced via a live webinar stream this past Wednesday.

We know that transitioning to a work-from-home environment was a challenge, and you all deserve recognition for successfully adapting as fund professionals during a year where markets took us for a ride.

The three categories awarded at this year’s RankiaPro Europe awards ceremony come from our monthly Profesional of the Month interview series, where we interview and present a different Fund Manager, Sales Manager, and Fund Selector on our website to our readers. At the end of the year, the 12 professionals in each category are eligible for the category award. 

Selection process

The winner for each category is selected in part through a public vote. RankiaPro opened the online polls to for a one month period, and encouraged all of our readers and wider network to cast their vote. We received over 1,000 votes for each award category, so thank you for your participation.

In addition to the public voting, we consider the traffic the interview received on our website, and the reverberation via social media, such as the engagement on LinkedIn. 

We combine these three measures into a single weighting to obtain a final score that we use to determine the winner. 

And the winner is…

Fund Manager of the Year

Sales Manager of the Year

Fund Selector of the Year

Congratulations to the three winners of this first edition of the RankiaPro Europe Awards! A big thank you to all the nominees and contributors who have participated in our monthly interviews, giving us first-hand insight into their day-to-day lives in the asset management industry.

If you would also like to be one of the nominees in the next edition of the RankiaPro Europe Awards, you can write us an email showing your interest and our team will contact you.

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