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BofA May survey: managers pessimistic about the economy

BofA May survey: managers pessimistic about the economy

Globally, investor confidence has deteriorated and optimism about a strong rebound in China is fading.
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22 MAY, 2023

By RankiaPro Europe


As it does every month, Bank of America has published its survey of global and European fund managers on the economy and investments. Here are the main findings:

Global fund manager survey

The main finding of the global survey is that investor confidence has deteriorated this month, as it also did in April, reaching its lowest level in the whole of 2023. This is because investors are increasing cash flows from balances and have become more pessimistic about growth prospects.

The main findings of the global BofA survey are as follows:

Survey of European fund managers

In the European survey, 77% of European investors believe the European economy will weaken in the coming year, up from just over 75% last month. A clear 65% of global investors believe that world growth is about to slow, up from 63% in March.

The main findings of the BofA global survey are as follows:

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