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Paella Day and the rise of the Paella Index: how does the increase in rice and oil prices affect
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Paella Day and the rise of the Paella Index: how does the increase in rice and oil prices affect

With the rising prices of rice and oil, which are key to this delicacy, the Paella Index has seen a significant increase.
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22 SEPT, 2023

By Constanza Ramos


Paella Valenciana Day, a tradition that honors the most iconic dish of València (Spain), is facing an atypical situation in the market this year. With recent increases in the prices of rice and oil, two of the key ingredients of this delicious delicacy, the so-called 'Paella Index' has experienced an unusual rise. But, what does this rise really mean for consumers and paella lovers?

What is the Paella Index?

The Paella Index is an economic indicator that tracks the evolution of prices of the essential ingredients used to prepare a paella. Although it may seem a bit quaint, this index is relevant in a region where paella is not only a dish but also a cultural identity. With the rising prices of rice and oil, this index has attracted the attention of analysts and economists.

Bloomberg's monthly Paella Index, which collects data from the Spanish National Statistics Institute, is at an all-time high, as can be seen in the graph below.

Source: Bloomberg.

The impact of rice and oil prices

In recent months, the global supply chain has experienced tensions affecting the prices of several commodities. Increasing demand, combined with climatic and political factors, has led to an increase in the cost of rice and oil.

Rice, essential for paella, has seen its prices rise due to factors such as adverse weather conditions in producing regions and high demand in emerging markets. On the other hand, oil, used for both sautéing and seasoning, experienced an increase influenced by geopolitical tensions and lower production in key regions.

What does it mean for the consumer?

As the Paella Index rises, it is likely that eating this dish in restaurants and buying its ingredients in supermarkets will become more expensive. Although Valencian Paella Day is a celebration, many families may opt for cheaper alternatives or reduce the frequency with which they enjoy this delicacy.

This year's Valencian Paella Day reminds us not only of the cultural importance of this dish but also of how global markets can influence our local traditions. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of our global economy and the importance of being informed in order to make wise decisions, whether it be in terms of investment or simply in choosing the menu of the day.

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