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Peter Billiet, from Fintegrity Family Office is our advisor of the month
Financial advisory

Peter Billiet, from Fintegrity Family Office is our advisor of the month

Peter Billiet, from Fintegrity Family Office is our advisor of the month for June.
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29 JUN, 2022

By Constanza Ramos



Peter Billiet is the owner of the Fintegrity Family Office since 2014. He has 30 years of experience in the financial sector. He has built up extensive experience in various managerial positions in the banking sector and subsequently at a financial institution. Peter completed his experience with an MMP at the Vlerick Business School in Ghent.

What made you want to pursue a career in the financial industry? and what do you find more attractive about working in the asset management industry?

My grandfather and my father were both branch managers for a Bank. I saw how they helped people with their finance and made friends in the community. I wanted to step into their footsteps.  I applied for a job in the banking industry and got accepted. I got posted elsewhere for three years.

How does a normal day look like as a Managing Director at Fintegrity?

I start with reading three newspapers during breakfast.  It takes me up to one hour.
Afterwards I go to my desk, and I look at the numbers of the US market who closed during my sleep… (6 hours difference).
Then I put on my suit and drive to my first customer.  We discuss the results of their portfolio. We discuss the family wealth, its construction, the financial planning, the future, their dreams, and their children’s dreams… We look for solutions and answers. I visit a second client either in the afternoon or in the evening, depending on their schedule.
Once back in the office I prepare my next day, creating financial reports for my clients.  I look at the European and Asian market. Sometimes I also attend a meeting held by an asset manager, during the day or evening.

What is in your view the most important part of wealth management and advisory?

I think the most important part of Wealth management and advisory is KYC, know your customer… Know them better than they know themselves and create their wealth around their life, their goals, their dreams…

Have you seen a change of the profiles of your clients? Would you say there has been a generational change in wealth?

I have seen a shift in client profiles since 2014 towards more equities.  Yield was just not there, so clients had to turn to equities to create greater returns. TINA, there is no alternative.

What are your clients asking for at the moment? And what would you advise in the current situation of the markets?

Some wonder why we didn’t see the crisis coming… still a lot of people believe in a glass bowl or market timing…
We advise them to stay put in their quality portfolio and wait and let the market recovery do its work.  Just one question remains, how long will it take to go back to the numbers of 16 November 2021 (highest peak).

Which sectors and geographical areas do you think are particularly interesting at the moment?

I have a strong belief in the USA, India, and China.
Those markets will have the best performance for the next decade.

How would you define yourself in 3 words?

I would define as a Gentleman, self-confident and altruist.

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