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Vitaliano Paridi, from Fideuram, is our Advisor of the Month
Financial advisory

Vitaliano Paridi, from Fideuram, is our Advisor of the Month

Vitaliano Paridi, Financial Advisor at Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, is our Advisor of the Month.
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18 JAN, 2023

By Teresa Blesa from RankiaPro Europe


Vitaliano Paridi is a Financial Advisor at Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking. He studied Banking, Finance and Insurance at Bicocca University in Milan. After his graduation, he became a Certified EU Financial Analyst (CEFA). He started his professional experience as Analyst and Junior Fund Manager in a Financial Boutique located in Lugano, Switzerland. Then, he continued his career in Milan as US & European Equity Analyst & Portfolio Manager at Eurizon Asset Management, the biggest Italian Asset Management Company, owned by Intesa Sanpaolo Group. After this professional experience, he became Head of Investment Team & Portfolio Manager in one of the most historical Insurance Company based in Italy. 

1. What made you want to pursue a career in the financial industry? And what do you find more attractive about working in the asset management industry?

Q&A: question and answer. That is what led me to choose the world of Asset Management.

  • 2008: the World began to hear about Subprime Mortgages. Why was the most developed financial system of the World in danger of falling apart?
  • 2011: the World began to hear about Spread. Why did the so-called risk-free model and Capital Asset Pricing Model fail?

As Atlas supported the Sky, according to greek mythology, so does the financial market support the society in which we live?

First as an analyst and then as a portfolio manager, during my experience, I searched for the answers to those questions which I like to compare to existential questions. Which is the fate of the financial markets? How many metaphors have explained us the world of finance? 

Now that I am a Private Banker I intend to share with my clients my financial experience and my philosophy: answers, solutions, building a strong method and respect it. 

2. How does a normal day look like? How do you divide your different tasks?

My days always start early by monitoring the financial markets and the performances of financial products. I am used to finishing working late by listening the customer’s needs. The best solution must be designed with care and attention. I feel I grow up and I always learn something new every day. 

3. What is in your view the most important part of wealth management and advisory?

Knowledge and experience allow me to understand financial phenomena. Financial education is a slow and non-stop process as well as customer trust, which should be built step by step. 

4. What are your clients asking for at the moment? And what would you advise in the current situation of the markets?

Reliability. Answers which nobody knows. We build portfolios which perfectly fit customers’ needs and that allow to manage the irrationality we tend to. 

5. Which sectors do you think are particularly interesting at the moment?

Fundamentals and valuations represent the appropriate pillars which allow us to come up to the best strategic and tactical decisions. The strategic component of a portfolio should give us a sense of stability. The tactical component, characterized by an event-driven approach, may give us unexpected satisfactions. 

6. Have you seen a change on the profile of your clients in the last years? How would you describe your average client?

The current customer is a curious customer. The Asset Management industry is challenging, increasingly competitive, digital tools offer new contributions every day. As the customer's needs extend so do the solutions and vice versa. Curiosity and the search for cutting-edge solutions guide expectations.

7. How would you define yourself in 3 words? 

Sincere, pragmatic and optimistic.

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