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Varenne Capital Partners Unveils Two New Funds and Enhances UCITS Range for 2024
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Varenne Capital Partners Unveils Two New Funds and Enhances UCITS Range for 2024

In a significant move, Varenne Capital Partners has expanded its financial portfolio for 2024, introducing two new UCITS funds—Varenne Long Short and Varenne Conviction.
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10 JAN, 2024

By Johanna Zidani from RankiaPro Europe


Varenne Capital Partners, a prominent player in the financial landscape, has unveiled a strategic move with the launch of two new UCITS funds and pivotal changes within its product range for the year 2024. These developments are set to provide investors with an extended array of options tailored to diverse risk profiles.

Varenne Long Short and Varenne Conviction Introduce New Dimensions to the Investment Landscape

Varenne Capital Partners detailed the introduction of two new UCITS funds, Varenne Long Short and Varenne Conviction, as part of its efforts to expand and enhance its product offerings.

The Varenne Long Short fund represents a dynamic combination of the Long Equity component from the Varenne Valeur fund, paired with a heightened percentage of Short Equity. This strategic mix aims to achieve a net market exposure of approximately 35%. Notably, Varenne Valeur undergoes a transformation, now inheriting the long stock picking positions from the Varenne Global fund while maintaining an unaltered net target exposure between 60 to 75%.

On the other hand, Varenne Conviction emerges as a Long Only Equity strategy, leveraging the long stock picking expertise of Varenne Global. Interestingly, this new fund abstains from incorporating other performance frameworks such as Short Equity, Merger Arbitrage, and Tail Risk Hedging. Both Varenne Conviction and Varenne Global share a common objective, targeting a net exposure of 100%.


“This key milestone in our development enables Varenne to offer its investors a complete range of vehicles and accordingly the risk profile best suited to their needs.”

David Mellul, Managing Partner of Varenne Capital Partners

Mellul further highlighted the flexibility provided by the four UCITS sub-funds, allowing investors to manage their exposure to equity risk based on their preferences. From one third of their net assets via Varenne Long Short, two-thirds via Varenne Valeur, to fully invested via Varenne Global and Varenne Conviction, investors have diverse options within the confines of Varenne’s quality universe.


“Today’s announcement is the result of over 20 years of research and investment in our teams and infrastructure.”

Giuseppe Perrone, CEO and Managing Partner

Perrone expressed confidence that these changes would deliver enhanced value for clients, providing access to various skills developed by Varenne’s investment teams, aligned with their preferred risk profiles.

These strategic adjustments signify Varenne Capital Partners' commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the financial sector, offering tailored solutions for investors navigating the complexities of the market.

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