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Salim Ramji ex-BlackRock ETF Chief will be next Vanguard CEO

Salim Ramji ex-BlackRock ETF Chief will be next Vanguard CEO

Salim Ramji, who left his role as BlackRock’s head of iShares and index investments in January, will step into the CEO role on July 8
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15 MAY, 2024

By Jose Luis Palmer from RankiaPro Europe


Vanguard has announced that Salim Ramji, former head of iShares and index investments at BlackRock, will take on the role of CEO starting July 8, succeeding Tim Buckley. This follows the announcement of current CEO Tim Buckley’s retirement in February.

Leadership Transition

Salim Ramji’s appointment marks a significant leadership transition at Vanguard. Having left BlackRock in January, where he managed a substantial portion of the firm's client assets and led the evolution of the iShares platform, Ramji brings a wealth of experience in innovative, low-cost investment products. Mark Loughridge, lead independent director at Vanguard, stated, "The board welcomes Salim to the leadership team and looks forward to working closely with him as we strengthen and expand our mission and purpose, driven by serving the interests of individual investors."

Ramji's Impact at BlackRock

During his tenure at BlackRock, Ramji played a pivotal role in managing a majority of the firm’s client assets and advancing the iShares platform. His efforts were instrumental in providing a broader array of innovative, low-cost products for investors globally, a strategic focus that aligns well with Vanguard’s mission to serve individual investors. Vanguard's statement highlights Ramji's contributions and the anticipation of his leadership continuing to drive the firm's growth and commitment to its clients.

Salim Ramji’s move to Vanguard is seen as a positive step towards reinforcing Vanguard’s mission and expanding its offerings to better serve individual investors worldwide.


It’s an honor to join Vanguard, an institution I have long admired and respected.

I am drawn to Vanguard because of the firm’s clarity and consistency of purpose and am very excited to get to work and partner with the outstanding leadership team to lead the company into the future.

Salim Ramji, next Vanguard CEO
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